New to Yoga?  Here are some tips to get started!

  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.

  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and tell them about your motivation to try yoga.

  • Wear workout clothes that allow you full range of motion.

  • Bring a mat, water, and a towel. We have them for rent if you need them.

  • Let go of your expectations!

What Class Should I Start With?

  • If you are new to power yoga - try our Yoga Foundations

  • If you're looking for a gentle paced yoga - try our Yin & Yang class

  • If you are looking for relaxation - try Restorative Yoga

You are welcome to try any class that sounds the most appealing to you.  Check out our class descriptions for more information!

Here are some yoga etiquette tips:

Arrive early and get settled.  The studio is open 30 minutes before and after class.  The outside doors are typically locked during classes when another instructor is not available to manage the front.

Stay for the entire class. If you have to leave class early, please tell the instructor before class begins.

Leave your cell phones.  The best practice is to leave anything that doesn't serve your practice outside the room including your cellular phones.

Flip your flops at the door.  The studio room is meant for bare feet.  Clean socks are welcome, but leave your shoes outside of the studio space.

The studio room is a quiet zone.  Silence in the studio room creates a peaceful experience for everyone.  Feel free to chat with us and hang out in the lobby before and after class.

Avoid strong perfumes and bodily odors.  The showers are stocked with amenities - feel free to use them before and/or after class to respect your fellow yogis.

Achieve Often.  Master Sometimes.  Practice always.