300/500 Hour
Advanced Training

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300/500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Training Overview

During your Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - you create a customized schedule to complete the training curriculum on your own time, in your own way.  To meet the new Yoga Alliance Standards, we developed a curriculum with training requirements and created a long list of elective courses you can choose from to personalize your training.  You can take these 50-hour modules at your own pace and in a combination that satisfies your curiosity.  

Once you've completed your advanced training, you will have finished with a unique set of knowledge you are passionate about & you can register as a RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance.

For graduation, you need to take six courses. All courses are 50 hours.

Required Courses:

  1. Standards in Leading

  2. Sequencing to The Body

  3. Explorations to The Self OR Roots of Yoga


Standards in Leading: This module is a training focused on high-quality teaching methods. During this course, we improve instructor’s ability to make strong connections with clients through logical cuing, strengthening assists & adjustments, and developing a keen eye for how to help practitioners strengthen their practice through appropriate corrections and empowerment.

This course is designed to sharpen teaching methods and establish high standards & principles to follow for advanced teachers.

  • Recommended Course to Begin Your Advanced Training

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Sequencing to The Body: During this course, we work to advance your vinyasa sequencing in a logical and systematic way. We begin by taking an advanced look at the human anatomy and study exercise physiology to establish clear and effective guidelines for sequencing. Sequencing to the Body is designed to guide 200 Hour RYTs to organize and develop their sequencing methods and strengthen their fluid understanding of anatomy. After taking this training, you will feel confident in your approach creating new sequences for any population. Your teaching will be diverse, fresh, and have your unique style.

  • Prerequisite: Standards in Leading


Understanding The Mind: These 50 hours are on Meditation and Restorative Yoga. During this module, we will open your practice to the softer, subtle side of yoga by exploring meditation as a discipline and how yoga and meditation are interrelated. Techniques and practice in leading Restorative Yoga we practice include appropriate use of props and materials to set an effective environment for yin-style class, advanced assists in restorative, sequencing, and key elements to create an environment conducive to relaxation and change. Additionally, we refine abilities of self-mastery by performing and studying meditation as a practice and a discipline. Through our process of study and experimentation, we will further personal self mastery and self awareness.

  • Available to any RYT-200 or RYT-500

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Harnessing The Energy System: Dive deep into the energy channels in the body. Explore the energy pathways, channels, centers, and practices to manipulate and cultivate inner-energy. During this training, we will research the Chakras and Nadis, how they are seen in our daily lives, explore methods to balance them, master energy control, as well as understand common pitfalls of energy work.

  • No Teaching Experience Necessary

  • Available to Everyone


Explorations to The Self: Join us for a week long transformation experience and get fully immersed into a new rhythm and routine. We will travel to a domestic location to commit to a daily practice, explore yogic philosophy, do numerous self-exploration exercises, meditations, and give you time to explore the local area.


  • Three Daily yoga sessions including Vinyasa and Restorative Style Classes

  • Daily personal practice, meditations, and Dharma talks

  • Philosophy discussions, personal growth exercises, and lifestyle conversations

  • Free time activities based on venue such as Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Mountain Bikes, & Hikes.

  • 5 nights' accommodation


  • Required a minimum of 2-years of yoga experience

  • Recommended for Registered Yoga Teachers and Advanced Practitioners

Additional Benefits for Yoga Teachers:
50 CEUs available for RYT's
50 Hours toward a 300-Hour Advanced Certification

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Roots of Yoga: Take a deep dive into the Philosophy behind Yoga. We will review lineage, historical texts of yoga, stories of the asanas, mantras, and classical schools of yoga and their practices. Review how these philosophies are used and held in our lives today as we explore the practice, meaning, and experiment with the methods.

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  • No teaching experience necessary

  • Available to everyone

Advanced Sequencing Capstone: Take your vinyasa sequencing to the maximum! This course is the 50-hour training treated as a Capstone for a 500-hour advanced yoga teacher. These sessions focus entirely on advanced vinyasa sequencing where we explore sequencing strategies so you can provide your clients an extremely well diverse and comprehensive experience. We guide you through advanced sequencing techniques, strategies for development, and gain valuable coaching to develop as a unique and powerful instructor.

  • Teaching experience required

  • Prerequisites: Sequencing The Body, Standards in Leading

Methods in Hot Yoga: We cover the practice, benefits, lineage, and methodology of teaching hot yoga. The instructors will learn techniques to guide their clients through asana sequences for hot yoga asana. A strong focus is placed on presence and delivery to make each hot yoga class unique and effective. Focused time placed on delivery, teaching methodology, and advanced cuing.

  • Prerequisite: Standards in Leading

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Yoga Strength Training: We cover the strength component of a regular yoga practice. The instructors will learn to guide their clients through safe and effective asana sequences, weight training, and high-intensity interval training to complement their exercise routine.

This training has an emphasis on motivation, musicality, strength training exercises, HIIT exercises, and strong teaching methods.

  • Prerequisite: Standards in Leading