200 - Hour Teacher Training

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When you register for our top-rated program, you’ll be guided through a study which gives you the right tools to become empowered with new knowledge, skills, and abilities in yoga. Get ready to grow your personal practice to a new level as well as build lasting relationships with those around you through teaching! During our Teacher Training program, you will evolve and enhance your yoga practice and get everything you need to be a strong and effective instructor.


Our Trainees Register to…

#1: Teach Yoga!


The most important thing about a teacher training is getting the tools and practice to teach. Graduates of our program are teaching all over the area because our training is so effective. Our approach is rigorous and we expect the best. Because we expect the best of you, you know you can expect the best from us.

#2: Grow in their Personal Yoga Practice!

Enrolling in a 200-hour yoga training gives us so much time to examine and advance your personal practice. Jumping into yoga classes gives you some great insight into the practice. Doing a 200-hour training takes that to a new level!

#3: Experience Personal Transformation!

Many trainees get into our program to make a change. When being committed to a transformation training like this, we find it easier to drop old habit patterns and replace them with new, more appropriate ones.


Program Expectations:

Andrew and Crystal will meet with you three times weekly for 10 weeks to grow you into a strong, powerful and effective teacher.

Our comprehensive program builds each week to give you all of the fundamental tools to share your passion of yoga. This commitment is for 200 hours, so immersing yourself into this subject is the best way to set you up for success.

Fall 200-Hour Training Schedule

September 17th - November 24th 2019

  • Tuesdays from 5:30 - 9:30

  • Saturdays 12:00 - 4:00

  • Sundays from 9:00 to 5:00.

    *Additional Asana Practices

    COST: $2,750. Payment plans are available.
    DEPOSIT: $500 Deposit required.

    INCLUDES: Comprehensive Teacher Training Manual, Unlimited Yoga, Pre-program development 

This training was the greatest experience of my life. It was informative and focused on teaching with safety. I became a teacher, better yogi, and a member of a new family
— Amy Wiseman
This is a great studio with excellent teachers. The studio’s philosophy of safety first is a theme all of the instructors preach and live by. It is a community more than just a yoga studio.
— Clay Potvin
This teacher training was life changing for me! I am so excited to share the wonderful knowledge gained and continue on my yogic path!
— Katie Gardner

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