Intro to Power Yoga: Non-Heated

This class is a great way to get a full view of the foundation for your yoga practice.  We will visit fundamental postures and break down the anatomical alignment.  Yoga Foundations is an opportunity to learn the shapes of the poses for a beginner and also deepen your personal practice for a novice level.



Relaxing Yin Yoga: Non-Heated

Renew your body and mind in restorative postures. Each pose is held for 3 - 5 minutes to surrender your body into relaxation and calm your mind. This is an ideal sequence for lower back, hip and shoulder stiffness. The focus is beyond the muscle tissue and to melt lines of fascia.


Yin & Yang

Slow Flow with Calming Restorative

In yoga, there are two basic approaches: Yin & Yang.  In this class, we experience both.  The first half of class is led through simplified motions of a flowing (yang) yoga practice.  The other half of class is a calming and soothing (yin) style.

We will use props throughout the class to emphasize safety, alignment, and support as we explore the dynamic and static experiences of yoga.



Power Yoga: 90-95 Degrees

In our Vinyasa classes, you will be guided through a series of traditional yoga postures in a warm space that will help gain mobility, stability, and power. This is an all levels active flow through creative and safe sequences to find new capabilities as your practice deepens.

There are 60 minute and 75 minute classes as well as 90 minute Advanced Vinyasa classes offered.


Yoga Strength

Yoga with Weights: 90-95 Degrees

We introduce resistance into your yoga practice with this class. When we meet, you pick up weights and build strength to unlock new possibilities during our flow and include dynamic movements in our practice.

Get ready to move into functional strength training, isolated exercises, and dynamic movements in our music pumping, strength building yoga class.



Hot Yoga: 102-105 Degrees

In this class you'll get benefits from detoxification, increased circulation, improved balance, and a stronger core. This sequence is designed for all levels and the temperature/humidity combination of the room will help you safely find your depth in the postures.

We visit traditional postures performed to build core muscles, balance, and strengthen your mind while increasing your flexibility and range of motion.


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